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We do three things and we do them well – Local SEO, PPC and Landing Pages.

Get It Done With Us

Our actionable insights and comprehensive reporting make business owners feel confident in their SEO, content, and PPC strategies. Here’s a few of the companies our team has previously worked with –


Our SEO doesn’t cut corners or over promise. We just plan and execute long term strategies that deliver results.

PAY PER click advertising

Give your PPC the attention it deserves. Your dedicated strategist will take the time to learn your business inside and out.

LANDING DESIGn and development

 Our personalized, fast, and modern landing pages give your audience a tailored experience that feels like 2019.


Competitive analysis is a critical part of the first stages of an effective SEO/PPC campaign. We don’t skip this important step and get right into keyword mapping, on page optimizations, or backlink building. By understanding who our competitors are and seeing where they stand, we can can gain a comprehensive understanding of what our goals should be and reveal any gaps or blind spots along the way.


We use a data informed decision making framework here at WindyBits. This means that our culture and our actions are based on understanding the behavior that is behind the data – both quantitative and qualitative. We use the latest tools and techniques to understand your users and their intent. Then, when it’s time to tweak your campaign, we are able to share these insights and determine a smart way forward.


Tracking ROI is the name of the game in 2019. We carefully measure where every dollar goes, and what it brings in. Our signature software stack allows for 100% transparency of where your ad spend and management fees are going. At the end of the day, our #1 goal is to be good stewards of your investment so we can both get paid and make it rain.

In the startup world, being able to "find a way" is the all important skill, and JD was able to learn whatever he needed to learn in order to do what needed to be done, and he can learn just about whatever he sets his mind to (which with us, was a lot!).

– Dan Faggella, Founder at Emerj



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